Mini Skip Hire


Getting rid of your old furniture can sometimes be a hassle. Do you leave it out for the Council collection or organise a mini skip hire?

Furniture is often an awkward shape and doesn’t easily fit into a rigid skip bin. You might also struggle to toss a 15-year-old refrigerator or ageing sofa into a mini skip bin.

Perhaps you’ve also had a garden clear out and need to remove all your green waste? It won’t fit in your standard Council bin but you don’t know what size of mini skip to order, let alone want to load it all inside.

Well now there is a great alternative in the form of waste and rubbish removal services.

Unlike with mini skips, rubbish removalists in Melbourne will make your waste disposal easy and cost effective.
You won’t have to load a mini skip or bin, you won’t even have to decide how big the skip should be.

Instead a rubbish removal company will come to you, load your rubbish onto the back of their small trucks, and simply take it away – all in one visit.

All you have to do is make sure the rubbish items are in an easily accessible area, such as on the front lawn, and rubbish removalists will take it away. This way they only charge you for the rubbish they take. There are no extra tipping fees or hidden surcharges.

Contact a company like Melbourne Junk Removal and ask about their expert collection of household furniture, white goods, garden waste, e-waste, renovation waste and more.